No cautious toe-dipping here.

It’s all or nothing.

So go on and commit. 

Get in headfirst and get the shock of the, just a little too cool, water rushing around you out of the way.

Not that you had or have a choice. 

At least not how I see it.  

I guess you could sit on the edge and just watch… I’m not really sure how, but I suppose you could try.

From the moment your child was born you were in over your head. 

Like my wife and I, you might not have known it until later.

It was our first pregnancy and my wife’s water broke at 27 weeks. 

The doctors were able to prevent her from going full on into labor and no infection set in so we sat in the hospital for the next 54 days and waited.  

Our son was born six weeks early and by a miracle spent no time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 

We went home on time and our pediatrician had told us that since he was a preemie to expect developmental delays. 

Months went by and our son’s progress was slower than most but steady all the same. 

By his one-year checkup he had a limited vocabulary and was starting pull up to stand. 

He could scoot all over the place on his stomach with amazing efficiency.

As it came time for our daughter to be born, he started to have seizures. 

Six long months later our beautiful baby girl had been born and we had preliminary diagnosis for our son. 

The MRI showed that he had a brain malformation and was the root cause of his seizures. 

We started down a road of treatment that has involved six different anti-seizure medications. 

Between the seizures and the medicine we were left with a shell of the joy-filled boy we once knew.

We were in so far over our heads from the word 'seizure'.

Left with a non-choice, what do you do? 

Sink or swim? 

Deny a truth and pretend to watch from the side while the reality is that you are going under.

My humble advice is to jump on in and start swimming. 

Don’t get too carried away, it’s going to be a long trip. 

Fight, with a life-preserving fervor, every battle that presents itself, from slow medical systems to seemingly apathetic doctors. 

For the simple fact that it is your child’s life you fight for.

We fight constantly, while we may get tired, to find our son.

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