Juicing for Health

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by Rebecca Toal

I recently started juicing again.

I really wanted another way to get lots of veggies, especially green ones, into my daily intake.

There is only so much salad you can eat. Or sautéed spinach or kale… 

But raw vegetables and fruit are a vital means for our bodies to get essential minerals and vitamins.

Juicing offers a viable means to increase our daily intake greatly.

I wanted something palatable yet nutritious to offer to my kids and hubby as a snack or to go alongside a meal.

It is remarkable what veggies you can ‘hide’ or mask in a yummy drink, as long as you get the right blend and balance of fruit and veg!

It is so satisfying watching your child drink down a glass of homemade juice you know is jam packed with nutrients and goodness!

It’s fun getting the kids to help choose a recipe and prepare the produce, they even help put the ingredients in the juicer (with my supervision).

We have had some juices that turned out pretty unappetizing, if I’m totally honest! Usually adding some lemon juice or honey made it just about drinkable.

But we move on to the next drink, repeating ones we know we like, while at the same time, not being afraid to try new combinations.

It’s exciting just experimenting with recipes and tastes…the combinations are endless!

I know there are cynics out there who will argue against juicing and say that you should eat the whole fruit or vegetable.

And I agree that eating the whole raw fruit or veg, along with its fibrous flesh, is the best.

But when you consider the amount of produce you can cram into a glass, and receive all its nutrients, vitamins, photochemicals, and enzymes, that is what makes juicing life-changing and healing.

You can juice far more produce than we could eat in a day…chewing raw vegetables can be very time-consuming!

Also, you can juice parts of the plants you wouldn’t normally eat such as the stems, seeds, leaves and skins.

Who would normally eat beet stems and leaves, celery leaves, broccoli stems, the base of the cauliflower and ribs of kale? Yet you can juice these and gain nutrition from them!

Another really important thing about juice is that is actually spares digestion. It is already broken down, so the juice is at work in your system in about twenty to thirty minutes.

It is already broken down for you! It can get right to work at nourishing your body.

Juicing is one way my family and I are striving to live a healthier, more energized life-style.

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