Entertaining two toddlers can be difficult enough for any Mommy.  

When one child has special needs and receives occupational and physical therapy in the home, this poses another challenge – How do I make sure my older son doesn't feel left out every time there's someone visiting to work with his little brother?

We've figured out a few tricks here and there.

Feeding therapist will bring a cookie for CJ to eat while we work with Matthew

Speech therapist always brings extra  toys for CJ and Mommy to play with while teaching Matthew sign language and so on.

Well, recently I was asked if we could try sensory play with Matthew i.e. bins with dry oatmeal and hidden toys and the dreaded play-doh.

Being of the Pinterest era I played it cool. Sure bring on the oatmeal bin. I rolled up the area rug and laid out a king sized sheet. 'I'll just shake it outside as soon as our session is over' I told my naive self.

It was wonderful seeing Matthew's reaction to the new feeling of oatmeal and hilarious to see him try and eat it.

CJ buried every car he could fit and in the end a third of the oatmeal was on the sheet. The therapist left and I was just about to pat my back for such an ingenious idea when I heard CJ proclaim "I'm a super hero" while flinging the oatmeal covered sheet behind him like a proud cape. 

Needless to say I'm still finding oatmeal under furniture.  As for the play-doh, it magically disappeared during nap time.

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