We have had the Upsee for over a year now and I can’t explain how much of a difference it has made for Jade.

It has helped her head control (she can keep her head up by herself for a lot longer now).

It helps her put weight on her legs (she is trying to stand but I still need to keep her up). 

She is also putting her legs forward and lifting them. 

So the Upsee is helping her trying to move her legs forward.

Jade knows what her Upsee is, when ask her if she wants to walk in it she gets so excited and has the biggest smile on her little face.

Jade loves being outside even if it’s freezing outside, she wants to be outside. 

So we put her in the Upsee and take her outside. 

She loves watering the garden with the watering can. 

We take her to the tap so she can put the water in then go to the flowers so she can water them. 

She gets wet in the process put we don’t mind as long as she has fun doing it.

My mother has a very big garden and they have birds and rabbits. 

In the beginning she was very scared of the rabbits but now she loves them, so we take her to them in her Upsee and she tries to call them. 

She has not figured out that she does not have to scream at them but she tries to call them to touch them or give them a hug.

When she is in her Upsee and her cousins are around they try to take her hand to walk with her. 

It's sometimes heart-breaking because we not sure if she will ever walk on her own but the Upsee gives us hope that she will as it has made her so much stronger then she was.

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