Our journey started 4yrs ago, but today 6th January 2015 is the day we say goodbye to Jacks cast, as he sits oblivious to everything banging on his drums and smiling we are listening to the surgeon talk about his growing rods, blood transfusions, 4-6hrs in surgery, picu, all the things you wish you didn’t have to talk about, that’s our little boy and why should he have to face something like this at the tender age of 6. My stomach is in knots as i sign the consent forms and hand them back to the surgeon and anaesthetist.


We don’t have long to wait and before we know it the girls in green have come to whisk Jack away, he’s laughing and loving that he’s getting a ride down the corridors in his bed meanwhile me and his dad are in bits as we know what he has ahead of him. We get lovely green gowns to put on as we are entering a sterile environment and as they cut Jacks cast off my whole body is shaking the tears are welling up in my eyes but I don’t want Jack to see me in state so i hold back. Cast is off and I get to hold my baby and snuggle his lovely warm skin and give him the biggest squeeze he’s ever had. I wrap him in his blanket as they put the mask over his face he tries so hard to push it away he gets floppy in my arms and I know he’s asleep. I hold him for another few seconds then Ronan gives him a hug and kiss and we say see you later big man with tears tripping me we walk out I turn and tell them please look after my baby. The longest 6hrs of our lives, pacing up and down the corridors, drinking coffee and finally we get to go see our wee superhero He’s flat out on lots of pain relief but everything went well and he will spend the night in picu, the anaesthetist has reassured us that everything went really well and Jack was a good boy and didn’t give them blips. It’s so weird seeing him attached to monitors and iv’s and not moving about, kind of brings us back to when he was born and fighting for his life!! 24hrs on picu and Jack is getting moved back to the ward, few wee concerns regarding high temp but nothing much to worry about. Antibiotics started just in case of infection, jack is still very sore which is understandable considering what he’s just came through and his wound is almost the whole length of his back. He’s on really strong pain relief and as the days goes on he makes slow steady progress and six days after surgery we can finally go home, he’s amazing!!

Jack recovering from surgery
Jack recovering from surgery

Back at home Jack has continued to get stronger and get back to his normal self. He just completely amazes me with his will to carry on and the determination he has to get up and moving is incredible. Some days we have to put the clampers on him as he just pushes himself too much and then he’s in pain, but he now knows himself if he’s over exerted himself. He will point to his chair to have a rest. We’ve not managed a bath yet but we look forward to that as soon as his wounds are all healed but what we love is that there is no cast and we are getting lots of lovely snugly hugs and they are priceless.

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