With social media now, it is so easy to be in-tuned with the life of your friends and family. 

Not in a creepy way, lol but more so with what they chose to share with us.

Whether we bought a new house, went on vacation to an awesome resort, or experienced a life changing event...we feel the need to share it with one another through these applications. 

It goes without saying that having a child, you are bound to want to share their very “firsts” with everyone.

I have filled my friend's and family's wall with Oliver spam, ranging from his first bite of rice cereal to those very first teeth!

Where I have found myself being selfish and disconnected is when I see them sharing their own child's first moments.

Oliver is a year old, and I have yet to share him rolling over or crawling, because those are things we are still working very hard on. 

Heck, they are things he may never even do, and I know this.

I have already gone through the process of accepting all this, but I don't let it determine our course and we work hard on it anyways.

It is when I may see someone sharing their 8 month old already taking his or her very first steps, or that very first crawl that I have to fight that feeling.

That ugly, selfish feeling of not wanting to see it on my wall.

I know that I feel happy for them, and I know that just like I share, they are doing the same.

They are ecstatic to experience this stage in their child's life, and they have that right to share it.

But I am human, and that disconnection never fails to show its face.

It may not even be me feeling disconnected with my friends and family, but them with us.

I have amazing support and they always check in with how Oliver is doing, but I know they stop short when I mention he may not be able to roll over yet or such things.


Instead of us sharing tips on how to keep the house safe, or where he or she may have tumbled that day, they seem to not know what more to say.

It is understandable, because after all I am here blogging on our own life and experience with special needs which they may not be able to relate to.

So in this blog, rather than sharing advice I have acquired over the months, I ask for yours!

Have any of you battled this feeling?

Have you found a way to overcome it, or have found a way to work with it rather than against? 

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