It’s easy to collect them isn’t it?

You have a baby or two and suddenly your sitting room becomes a dumping ground full of shiny toys, noisy toys, broken toys, loved toys…

No matter how many times you ‘de-clutter’, the toys never seem to decrease…is it magic?

I’ve often wondered!

Having said all that there sure is nothing as heart warming as handing a child their (current) most desired toy…their little face lights up, they thank you over and over, you get loads of hugs and kisses…they run off to introduce their new toy to their other beloved toys…and you know you’ve made their day.

It’s getting harder and harder to find that toy.

That toy which will give Ethan that feeling and if I’m honest give us those feelings too - we miss it.

So, when birthdays and christmases come around, we work hard each year to try to get Ethan at least one toy that he will show some sort of interest in.

Teddies always bring a smile to his face, but then like so many other toys it is tossed behind the couch only to be found days later by our ever-investigating toddler.

We noticed Ethan chewed, boy does he love to chew…so we began looking into sensory toys. 

We brought him some ‘chewy tubs’ and hey presto he was delighted.

The rest of our well meaning sensory toys were used as weapons so we decided to look at mobility toys such as trikes, scooters etc.

As Ethan ages, his syndrome progresses, so what worked 6 months ago may not work today.

What engaged him today may not tomorrow…that’s so hard when you want to spoil him, when you want him to enjoy a toy, a book, even a tv show.  

Ethan will lose his ability to walk.

Currently he is mobile but he can’t walk very far and needs rest breaks while out. 

We have a special needs buggy for this reason, we had a trike to keep his joints loose and to keep him mobile for longer. 

He has now outgrown this trike, so we spent the last few weeks looking online for a suitable replacement.

The ‘Scooot was mentioned to us by friends in a similar situation,and when I googled it, I got a surprise…it is a product! 

It is an amazing product.

Excitedly, we read more information on the website but sadly Ethan is too big…this product came too late for us…I would love to consider making a version of the ‘Scooot for kids like Ethan, who lose abilities as they grow.

Our search continues…

The next time you want to spoil your little one…go ahead, do it!

Ethan has shown me life is too short not to.

Make that kid smile…just not too often as Granny would say!

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