The aim of this week-long event, organised by BackCare, is to raise awareness of the problems back pain can cause, as well as prevention and treatments.

According to BackCare, the UK is home to 7 million unpaid carers.

Carers are people who provide care and support to an ill or disabled family member, friend or neighbour on an ongoing basis.

Many special needs parents don't see themselves as 'carers' but your role in meeting the medical and physical needs of your disabled child are vital.

You represent an unpaid and often invisible workforce that saves the UK Government a staggering £119 billion every year – this is more than the Government’s entire annual NHS expenditure.

Carers are often exposed to higher than usual levels of physical and emotional stress.

This puts your own health at risk.

Many carers help the person they care for with physical tasks, such as getting in and out of the bed, bath or chairs.

In addition to this, the role of carer, especially when caring for your child can create unique emotional stresses.

Over 70% the UK’s unpaid carers now suffer from back pain, and are a greater risk of developing chronic pain, which is highly disabling in a third of cases and life-long for the majority.

The national back pain charity, BackCare is working to help raise awareness of the impact of back pain for carers with their Back Care Awareness Week running 3rd - 8th October 2016.

If you suffer from back pain make sure to check out their extensive range of information and factsheets - Back Care Library

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