GREAT NEWS! Irish retailer Dunnes Stores have bought 230 GoTo trolley seats and will roll them out in their stores over the next number of weeks.

Dunnes decision to roll out the GoTo Trolley is a direct response to a request from special needs mum Gina Grant.

Gina’s son Francis has mitochondrial disease and is unable to walk or move. Gina, like many other special needs families, struggled to do her weekly shopping having to either put Francis in the basket section of the trolley which he found very upsetting or push his wheelchair and carry several baskets. Shopping had become so stressful that she approached her local supermarket manager and asked him to investigate disabled trolleys for children.

The store manager at Dunnes in Letterkenny, discovered the GoTo Shop Trolley, which provides the necessary support for children like Francis because it has a five point harness, side supports and head support. One was quickly ordered for the Gran family and was in store within a matter of weeks.

Following the success of the GoTo Shop trolley in it’s Letterkenny branch, Dunnes has just placed order for an additional 230 trolleys to roll out across it’s stores in the Republic of Ireland. #EverySupermarket To support the campaign download and hand this leaflet in to your local supermarket.

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