With access to pretty much anything you can think of available on the Internet, we can now find inspiration from all over the world and from every walk of life.  I seem to find things, grand and small, that inspire me in some way each day.  

It’s motivating and challenges me to step beyond my current space, be it as simple as trying a new recipe or finding an interesting product that might be useful for my son to more awe-inspiring feats of accomplishment or heartwarming gestures of kindness.

My inspiration today is from this amazing mom in the Bay area who is in the process of fine-tuning the Americans With Disabilities Act to require new public places and buildings, such as amusement theme parks and malls, as well as structures that are in the process of remodeling to have adult accessible bathrooms with appropriately sized, private changing facilities.  

It seems like a simple thing, but the impact of this improvement to the Act would truly change the lives of families who currently do not have access to useful bathroom facilities when out and about trying to experience their day.  

The ability to preserve privacy and to tend to personal needs is always a consideration when planning outings, travel (especially flying) and entertainment activities.  To know that there are facilities that are accessible, size appropriate and clean takes a tremendous amount of stress out of the planning equation.  

I’ve thought about the need often but this mom actually took action and is striving to make it happen.  

I’m inspired by her courage, strength and determination.  

I’d be interested to learn more about her. I know her children impacted her pursuit, however, it takes a particular, special person to broaden their scope to an entire community.  

I’d love to know what else motivated her to move from the need to the action.  

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