GUEST BLOG!  I’ve been asking Michael for ages whether he has anything he’d like to contribute to the Firefly blogging catalogue.  

He always says yes, but there’s never enough time to do anything.  

Last week, after a particularly exhausting day, he sent me this (unsolicited) email:


Just great.

Five big IT projects on the go, systems starting to crack because I haven't had a chance to do routine maintenance in six months, and now I get a round of disk failures that take out not only some big operations servers but project machines as well. 

It ain't my day at work, that's for sure.

To top that off my team consists of virtually… er… me. 

3 sites, hundreds of machines, 150 users, high staff turnover, IT security and compliance and even some HelpDesk activities.  

My other team members aren’t skilled enough, don’t have time, or they’re on annual leave…

While I’m out battling these fires at work making sure this multi-million-dollar company keeps its lights on, Fiona’s at home.

Doing absolutely nothing.

Except finishing her Masters with such high-flying colours that they’ve asked to publish her paper.

…And planning the budget for the next thousand-dollar school camp for our 16-year-old daughter in grade 11 who thinks it’s absolutely essential that she go to all 3 this year… teenagers… *cough*

…And giving me operational management advice on IT systems she knows next to nothing about.

…And clearing out the back patio so that we can host a 14-person barbecue birthday-slash-celebration-slash-anniversary-slash-weekly-get-together party with our good friends.

…And writing these brilliant blogs.

Well I’ll have none of it.

I’m taking over this month.

Oh wait, right.  

I said that on the 1st.  

It’s the 11th now.

Well I’m taking over this week.

No, it’s Thursday.

Honey, what’s the dinner plan?

You got the kids sorted already?  

Dylan’s cello is already done, and his homework too? 

The kids just need to be teeth-brushed and put to bed?  

They’re waiting for me in bed?


What do you need from me?

A cuddle?

Well alright.

But I’ll take the kids to school tomorrow OK? 

What’s this?  4 kids, 3 different schools, 3 different times in the morning?  They do this more than once..?

Blog it is.

More like this please...

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