We have just recently had Oscar’s first school report and our first parent’s meeting with the school and I am pleased to say that Oscar has settled into school and that he is doing really well.

He loves school and it seems all his teachers love him.

He is a little charmer!

If you have read one of my previous posts you will know that we really did not want to send Oscar to a specialist school.

Now, I dread to think what would have happened if we had sent him to a mainstream school.

The school Oscar attends has an ‘open door’ policy, parents are always welcome to come into class and see their child ‘in action’ or talk to the class teacher if you have any concerns.

I find all members of staff very approachable and this is what you want from a school.

You want to have a good relationship with the people who teach and look after your child.

We have recently been into class and it was lovely to see how Oscar interacts with his friends and how they are with him, even if whilst we were there one of them did try to smack him on the head!

It was good to see the different activities they do and of how Oscar and the other children react to this.

The thing I also like about this is you find out what your child is doing at school and hopefully you can continue this at home.

Communication with Oscar is a big issue as he is non verbal.

He does say odd words but they are not consistent.

The school have given us some pointers to help this.

They have also shown us equipment that they use at school.

For Christmas, Oscar’s grandparents were going to get him a Big Mack switch but they are quite expensive.

However, school showed us what they use.

They use something called talk tiles which work in a similar way to a big mack.

They are a bit smaller in size but you can put picture cards underneath as well.

You can then record into the device what the picture is of.

The talk tiles are a lot cheaper in price which means we will be able to get more to use at home and have them dotted round the house, which will be brilliant for Oscar.

It will mean Oscar is able to make choices.

Also, he is using equipment he is familiar with as he uses them in school.

The school also recommend apps for us to use at home and other activities to do at home.

These are things we may have not found or thought of for ourselves.

It is important to have a good relationship with the school your child attends.

They can offer help and advice with things that you are struggling with or suggest equipment that you never knew existed.

Do not be afraid to ask!

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