While I’m writing this I’m wondering: should kids with disabilities even have role models with disabilities?

It makes sense that they would, they can relate to someone with a condition and admire their success in an able-bodied world.

On the other hand I think: no, these kids should make a point of choosing role models with typical abilities. Why should the child’s hero have a condition? We tell everybody that disability doesn’t define the child. Similarly, it shouldn’t define the hero either.

But that’s probably a bigger discussion for another day. For now, I wanted to find out which people with disabilities parents would choose for their kids.

If you could choose one special needs/disabled role model for your child, who would it be?

If I had to pick one role model for my child with disabilities I would chose Christopher Reeve.  He is a great example of how you can keep going in spite of limitations.   He dared to always see possibilities and never believe his life was defined or limited by his disability.   He maintained incredible strength of will and optimism most importantly he never gave up hope he'd have the ability to walk again.

Stacey Warden, Noah’s mum

Andrew straight away said Steven Hawkins because of how incredibly smart he is and that he has never let his disability get in the way.
I would say Kurt Fernley, an Australian Paralympian. His parents were pretty much told to leave him in an institute when he was born. He has gone on to be a world record holder and a fantastic representative of the Paralympic community. I remember meeting him before he started competing, he was training by climbing (in his wheelchair) 6 flights of stairs - I used to get puffed climbing the same stairs!

Lenice Laverty, Dexter’s mum

I love Maysoon Zayid.  Her “99 Problems” Ted talk is so inspiring.  She has not let her CP slow her down and shows the world that she is smart and funny despite her disability.

Dawn Hamilton, Emmy’s mum

Natty’s a pretty strong role model in herself. Next new face of Sainsbury’s. But it would be Sarah Gordy.

Hayley Goleniowska, Natty’s mum

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