Remember the days when all you had to worry about was how many picnic ants you’d encounter on your red and white checkered tablecloth? 

Long gone are those days, now replaced with often weeks of planning to coordinate a feasible summer picnic with your child who has special needs. 

Just the word picnic gives you a headache twinge and your body tenses up wondering if all the preparation and work ahead is worth it. 

Yet in the spirit of childhood experience and family participation like a moth to a flame, there you are coordinating and planning a summer picnic. 


Here are some great tips to help make your picnic easy, fun, enjoyable and accessible:

Picking the seating option for your picnic is the first step. 

Do you want a picnic table or are you going to be laying out a lovely blanket on the ground? 

For those seeking a great accessible picnic table for children who use wheelchairs, the Convert-a-bench is a fantastic option.  Retailing at around $100 each this piece of outdoor furniture does just want the name suggests; converts from a outdoor bench to a picnic table (single) or if you combine two – it makes a typical picnic table! 

If you use only one as a single it provides for easy roll up for a wheelchair to join the table!  Perfect for home use or family summer gatherings. 



Picnic Blanket

For those of you wanting to enjoy the picnic blanket experience a fantastic blanket is an extra large waterproof backing with fleece top provides a great soft sensory experience that will also make sure that you can enjoy your picnic without having to worry about how wet the grass or ground might be. 

An extra-large blanket will also give you plenty for room for your picnic feast and allow for additional room if you’d like to pair the Go-To Seat and floor sitter on your blanket top surface for your child with special needs.  Retailing for around $39.99 this makes a great affordable option for your picnic blanket needs.  



For a traveling picnic a picnic basket on wheels is a must!

For that traditional picnic feel you may want to consider a wicker picnic basket on wheels.  The basket comes with silverware, dishes, cutting board, salt and pepper shakers, wine glasses and napkins which make your picnic needs complete. 

Retailing depending on style from $150-$200, this choice is a bit more of a summer time investment. 

For those wishing for something a little less expensive there are so some great cooler options that are on wheels retailing for around $50 and allow you to bring your own silverware and plates from home. 




Considering little details on how to make your picnic extra special for your child with special needs consider cutlery items and dishware that would be fun and functional. 

Both the ez-pz mini-mat and EasyHold products are excellent choices for children working on independent and caregiver assisted feeding. 

The ez-pz mini mat retails for $19.99 and is great for picnics and home use:

EasyHold 5 piece pack retails for $34.99: 

Both of these items pair well for items that are small and pack well for picnics on the go.

Plan your menu to be easy! 

Avoid messy, difficult, complex foods.  Simplicity at a picnic can ensure a stress free and fun experience.  Plan finger foods and plan for your child’s dietary needs and carry some wet wipes to assist with easy clean up. 

Whether you pick your peaceful patio, a grassy park filled with trees for a gentle breeze, or a sandy beach, a picnic is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.  

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