I write the blogs.

So you get to hear about my perspective a lot.

However, I am married to an amazing woman.

She is the best thing going in my life.

Without her we wouldn’t make it through an hour. 

She does everything else.

She has a “real” job too. 

She is a teacher for one our state’s online charter schools. 

She works from home, which sounds awesome, but there is no separation of work/home/kids/homeschooling and whatever other life fits into a given day.

There are times when her mom keeps our kids so that she can get work done or has her live teaching sessions.

She works hard. 

I mean insanely, ridiculously, hard and all day. 

Then for a better part of the evening too.

You’ve no doubt seen the memes of obscure all encompassing job descriptions for mom’s that read more like a CEO. 

Add a teacher’s equally all encompassing job description to that and you have my wife. 

She is superwoman.

I try to help her schedule appointments and get the kids to doctors appointments. 

With the latter being about the only tangible contribution I feel like I am able to make. 

When I try to help with the schedule, she kindly listens to me before rattling off the whole next week without looking at a calendar or notes. 

She is always five steps ahead of any thought I have.

She takes little time for herself. 

Her hobby is our family. 

The best days of her life are when we are all home with nothing to do. 

Vacations are nice only as long as we are gone long enough for her to forget all the work she has to put in just to get out the door. 

Which is pretty much a science at this point. 

I have my small role in her well-oiled machine when it comes to packing up. 

When I mention going out of town, she has to overcome the initial shock of thinking about everything that means before she can think about the enjoyable time we will have.

Oh, she is also carrying our third child presently. 

He is due in October. 

No big deal, just some pain and extra carrying weight to go with our toddler and special needs son. 

She’s got it. 

At least she’ll tell you that.

School just started back, which is pretty much the worst time of year in our house. 

I work for a college in an administrative capacity, so that means long days for me too. 

Which is worse for her than it is for me. 

My long days just mean more hours in the office. 

For her it means the usual hectic day followed by me not being home in time to help with dinner, bath, and bedtime. 

She definitely is holding the short straw.

She is tough and stubborn. 

This is a small token of gratitude for her. 

I really cannot express with words with any real accuracy the level of appreciation, respect and love I have for her unrelenting pursuit of happiness/health/wellness/security for our family.

So thank you to my amazing, beautiful, loving, caring, driven, relentless, tireless, wife. 

Who happens to the best thing in my life and the absolute best mom in the world. 

Sorry to the rest of you amazing mothers, you’ll have to share the crown. 

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