Being a part of a group matters to everyone.

You don’t want to be left out, even if it’s just a conversation around a dinner table, being the one who is side-lined isn’t nice.

So imagine how it feels when ‘left out’ is your default position. To those people, in this case kids with disabilities, I would argue that inclusion and participation is more important than to anyone else. It matters more for those kids and it’s something they will never take for granted because they don’t always get the chance.

So here are some good reasons why parents of those kids will not let you leave their child out.

My child knows loneliness

Even in a crowd of thousands you can still feel lonely. It’s not about who you are with, it’s about how you are made to feel. The loneliest place in the world can be right in the middle of a group of people treating you differently.

He’s just a little person. He’s young, doesn’t understand the world any more or less than any other child. What he does understand is feeling left out and he knows that horrible feeling better than anyone else.

I’ve been to war

Any parent would go to war for their child – but parents of kids with special needs already do every single day. Some may seem quiet and reserved but don’t underestimate them. All of them have to fight harder for their kids than most other parents. They take more knockbacks, they need to bang on more doors to get help and they learn to stand up tall when all they want to do is collapse on the floor. You’ll never encounter a tougher opponent, so stay on their good side.

And that’s before we even get to the outspoken ones – cross their child and all of a sudden you’ll hear something approach that sounds like an incoming thunderstorm. You better batten down the hatches.

You don’t know what he’s capable of

 In fact, nobody does. Doctors can usually make pretty accurate predictions on a child’s potential abilities, but nobody actually knows. Like anyone else in the world, until a child gets the chance to experience all there is experience and to discover new things there’s simply no telling what he’s capable of. Give him the chance and watch him go.

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