I was asked what I did for a living by a girl barely out of her teens.

I hate that question. It is one of the most judgmental questions ever to be asked.

It feel like a loaded question; you know there are going to be more and more follow-up questions, once you've answered that question.

I make a point, never to ask anybody that question.

I was taking photographs for an event my husband set up in our local Hotel. 

The event was a Google event, so as you can imagine it was all about technology...something I am clueless about.

He packed the place, there were easily 100-150 eager people waiting for the speakers to begin. 

My husband was whizzing around making sure everyone had a seat and the speakers knew the order of the night. 

I was happily snapping photographs quite impressed with my husband's efforts.

"Ah, you must be a photographer" a young girl stood beside me.

"No, I am not an actual photographer, I just enjoy taking pictures. My husband asked me to come along and take a few pictures", I smiled.

"Ahh..." she sipped her water.

"My boyfriend dragged me here. We both study information technology, well, I am doing my masters, he is only in his second year of his degree. Hopefully this will be good" she nodded towards the stage.

"I think it will be, it's very busy" I glanced around at the almost full room.

"So what is it you do?" she looked at me, trying to figure out if I was a 'Googler' or not.

"I am a stay-at-home mom" I smiled and instantly regretting saying it to such a young girl.

"Jaysous, I didn't think people still did that" she laughed.

I felt uneasy.

"And you take photos too!" she quickly added pointing at my camera.

I had never felt so patronised in my entire life.

Why wasn't I saying anything?

I felt anger burn within me, just as I was about to patronise her right back, my husband appeared.

"Looks good doesn't it?" he kissed my cheek as he glanced around the room.

I nodded.

The girl introduced herself, after her little chat with my husband, she added "And I didn't know this was your wife. You've let her out of the house for the evening I see" she threw her head back and laughed.

Neither of us laughed with her.

"Excuse me?" my husband stood straighter and looked right at her.

She stopped laughing and tried to explain her 'joke', "Oh no, I was just messing, your wife was telling me she is a stay at home mother, ya know"

My face was frozen.

My husband looked at me then back at her, "My wife is a modest woman, she is a wonderful photographer, one hell of a writer, published many times and yes a stay-at-home parent on top of all that. Without my wife's support, there wouldn't be this event, for example" 

He kissed me on my head. 

"I've to do the sound check" he glanced back at the girl who was stunned and desperately trying to find the words to 'fix' what she had said minutes before.

He walked towards the stage.

"I'm sorry. Can I ask who you write for? Where did you get your journalism degree?" she swallowed hard, hoping this was more suitable conversation.

I took a deep breath.

"I write for myself, I don't have any degree of any kind, I blog mainly, but one day I'd love to go and get a degree in creative writing not journalism" 

I smiled, trying my best to be polite, reminding myself I was young and daft too at some point in my life - hell, even now I have my 'daft' moments!

Her face lit up, "Oh you're a mummy blogger, ha! what do you blog about nappies, wipes and Tesco's special offers?" she laughed and gently tapped my arm as if we both found this hilarious.

Ignore her. Ignore her. Don't raise to it. 

I took a few deep breaths, waiting for her to realise she had just insulted and belittled me again.

"No, no I don't blog about nappies and wipes." 

I turned back on my camera and tested the light in the room. 

I waiting for a second to see if she had any thing else to say.

"So what do you blog about?" she asked, shifting her weight from one leg to another. 

Uneasily, she sipped her water.

"I will tell you a story...." and so I told the young girl who knew no better, all about the day I came home to find my house covered in poo. 

She laughed and laughed. 

Wiping her eyes, she asked the name of my blog,"You know what, I am sorry, if I came across rude, you've really made me laugh, I'm going to go home and read some more about your boys"

"Please do" I smiled as I went towards the crowded room, camera in hand.

For me, that was a win.

Yes I was insulted and belittled by a jumped -up young girl, but she honestly knew no better. 

I didn't let my annoyance dictate how I would respond to her. 

I turned her into a reader of my blog - that has to be a good thing...and I'm pretty sure, she will feel pretty sh***y when she reads why I happen to be a stay at home mom...

Honestly had that not happened at an event my husband worked so hard on, I think my response would have been very different.

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