Earlier this week on the blog, we created a list of our favourite inclusive books. But one of the books on that list was extra special.

One of the books, 'I love you, Natty'  was written by nine-year-old big sister Mia Goleniowska, from Cornwall. 

Mia published thisground-breaking book to help other children who become siblings to a child with Down’s syndrome.

Mia, who lives with her family near Truro, found it difficult to understand why her baby sister Natty had to spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Treliske Hospital, Truro, when she was born. Natty was born with Trisomy 21, commonly known as Down’s syndrome, which was accompanied by a heart condition.

Her parents, Hayley and Bob, did not know that their new baby would have the condition before she was born, so the whole family went through a steep learning curve of what life would be like with a child with additional needs.

Hayley writes award-winning and internationally renowned blog, Downs Side Up. When she discovered notes and poems around the house written by Mia to her little sister, she collected them, soon realising that they were the basis for a ground-breaking book.

Mia writes:  “Mummy and Daddy explained that Natalia has Down's syndrome. She has an extra chromosone in every building brick of her body, which I think looks like a jelly bean. It is just a part of of who she is, likle we both have brown eyes."

Mia’s drawings and family photographs complete this beautiful first introduction to Trisomy 21, which has been endorsed by eight leading UK charities.

Good work Mia.

(Disclaimer: we are not just posting this because Hayley and Mia are our friends, although they definitely are. We are posting it because the book is genuinely awesome and ticks all our 'special needs family participation' boxes)

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