I should probably start this post by saying that I have in no way been asked by Firefly to spout the brilliance of their products. Honestly.

That said, our Upsee arrived this week.  We were so excited that we put a hungry Charlie in it straight away, even though she could see (and smell) that dinner was ready.  Probably not our best laid plan.  Predictably, she cried and refused to stand up, and we probably made it worse by having absolutely no idea what we were doing and subjecting her to our awkward learning curve. 

Fast forward to Day Two.

Having adjusted all the straps and buckles to suit my height, we packed the Upsee into the car for the trip to Susannah’s school.  I strapped her to me in the school carpark (not too hard the second time around) and we walked inside together. 

Let me repeat that, because I can hardly believe it myself:  Charlie and I walked inside together.

We walked into the playground area and were almost bowled over by one of Charlie’s little friends barrelling across the garden with his arms outstretched, shouting “Look!  Charlie can HUG ME NOW!”  

He raced into Charlie’s two free arms and squeezed her tight while she put her arms around his shoulders and patted him on the back.

It was enough to bring a tear to the eye of the kindy teacher on duty (and mine too).  

What a lovely freedom, to have both arms free to cuddle your friends on their level! This was a bonus to using the Upsee that I hadn’t even considered.

We’ve so far been to the park, a physio appointment, her new school, her old school, the shops and our friend’s house with the Upsee on.  

We’re really looking forward to seeing her strength and gait improve as she explores the world on a whole new level.

The next plan is a bushwalking adventure on the mountain – and we can’t wait!

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