The search for the ultimate Christmas present is on, and it going to help me embrace my son's chewing habit.

We know that one of the side-effects of his chromosome deletion is dental anomalies and I have a feeling this has contributed to the problem. 

Matthew loves to chew on just about anything he can reach from tags on toys to our rug. 

Out of everything he has ever chewed, his clothing seems to be his favorite. 

We are at the point where I don’t even put socks on his little feet if he is awake and shoeless because they are instantly pulled off so he can taste them. 

I find myself having to change his outfit one to two times a day because he chewed on his shirt so much it is completely wet. 

Because of this situation, I thought we would use Christmas as an excuse to go in search of a toy that Matthew could safely chew on. 

Secretly I had an ulterior motive: to keep his socks on and shirts dry. 

My husband and I headed out to overcrowded parking lots and stores on a cold December night with pride. 

We were going to make Matthew so happy with something he was allowed to bite and chew as much as his little heart desired. 

We started at the educational toy store at the local shopping mall, scanning every shelf and display with no luck. 

Next was the giant chain toystore filled with parents aimlessly staggering up and down each aisle. 

Yes, we had a plan but the problem is now figuring out where in endless sea of shopping carts would they put our perfect “chew toy”.

(The next sentence may have been fabricated for the sake of my marriage) 

Because we are so great in stressful situations without any bickering or sassy comments, my husband and I instantly knew to check the baby section. 

There in the back of the stadium-sized store was a toy that was put on this earth just for our Matthew. 
A huge plastic ring that was covered in different fabric tags.

Every size, shape and color he could ever imagine. 

So now we wait patiently for Christmas morning to arrive and our little guy can try and eat his gift.

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