Fantastic news! Tesco will add 500 of our GoTo Shop disability trolleys for children to stores across the UK.

After a successful two-month trial, Tesco became the latest UK supermarket to request the trolleys for customers whose kids have special needs.

Tesco's decision brings the total number of GoTo Shop trolleys in UK supermarkets to over 1,100.

The news is a huge boost for the Firefly Garden’s GoTo Shop Campaign, as it aims to make shopping easier for parents of children with disabilities.

Although many supermarkets have disability trolleys, they are often not supportive or secure enough for children.

So it is fantastic news that Tesco is taking steps to make shopping more accessible and convenient for families.

The GoTo Shop Campaign’s goal is to get at least one in #EverySupermarket in the UK and Ireland.

Claire Smyth, the Firefly Garden’s Community Manager, said:

"This is fantastic news. All the parents involved in raising awareness about this campaign can be very proud of themselves and what they have achieved.  There’s still a long way to go in this campaign and we need everyone's support." 

You can support GoTo Shop Campaign when you download the campaign leaflet and hand it in to your local store.


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