How Will We Remember 2014?

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by Jane Ashton

I cannot believe that yet another year has flown by and we are going to be welcoming in 2015!

Where does the time go?

As I reflect on what has happened in the past year I can safely say that 2014 has definitely been filled with more good times than bad.

I am not even going to mention the bad times, they are not worth it.

It has, though, been a year of big changes for our family.

Firstly, there was the new addition to our family - Pebbles the dog. 

Now that she has got her paws firmly under the table so to speak, we can fully understand why she did not make it as a Guide Dog. 

She is however, an excellent family pet and Oscar’s best friend. 

It is amazing how Oscar has taken to her, his face lights up when he sees or hears her. 

All you have to do is mention her name and he gets so excited and sometimes she is the only one who can get a smile from him. 

Most importantly Pebbles loves Oscar too, and is so gentle with him. 

It was a big decision for us to get a dog but thankfully it was of the best things we have done.

Oscar starting school was another big change but he has just taken it in his stride. 

I imagined screaming every morning when I dropped him off but he just goes in and doesn’t really take any notice of me. 

It’s like he’s saying ‘Bye mum, you can go now, my friends are here’. 

I must be cramping his style! 

It shows that he is growing up though, although a little too quickly for my liking.

The progress Oscar has made at school has also been fantastic and I cannot praise the staff enough.

I finished work this year to become a full time mum for Oscar. 

As Oscar is getting older it is becoming more apparent how his disabilities affect him. 

As children get older they become a little more independent but as Oscar gets older he is becoming more dependant on us and that is not really going to change. 

Do I miss work?

In a way. 

I think I miss my friends from work more than anything. 

I miss the daily interaction with adults. 

It is also hard financially but you just have to learn to live within your means. 

Now I have finished work, I don’t know how I ever had the time to work and look after Oscar. 

I never seem to have a spare minute anymore!

Last, but not least, Firefly. 

This year we took possession of our Upsee and our GoTo seat both of which have transformed many disabled childrens' lives as well as Oscar’s. 

Oscar loves to go outside in his Upsee when we have a ‘walk’ around the neighbourhood. 

He is seeing the world as children should. 

When we were on holiday he loved walking round the farm looking at the animals, something he has not been able to do before. 

We are making lovely memories for our family. 

The GoTo seat has also been a great success. 

Oscar has spent the weekend with us sitting at the table doing Christmas crafts and he loved it. 

This is precious family time.

Then there’s me. 

I’d like to thank Firefly for giving me the opportunity to share our story with you.

When I started to write these blogs my sole aim was to share our story and hope that if someone who read it could relate to it and feel a little less like they were on their own then it was completely worth it.

This is my last blog of 2014. 

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my blogs (I hope I haven’t bored you too much) and the lovely comments you have left.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year. 

See you in 2015.

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