It was a chance encounter one afternoon at an indoor play centre.

I’d brought my girls to play at the soft indoor play-centre with the ball pools.

My youngest Brielle (4) had her purple walker in tow.

After playing in the balls for a while, Brielle scooted over (and I followed!) to a large round suspended swing.

There was a cute little girl, E, around two-and-a-half years old, laying back in it, getting swung by her Granny.

She had the most adorable smile, baby-pink glasses and blonde pigtails.

I helped Brielle climb up in and she got swung for a while with her new friend.

The Granny and I got talking and I soon found out that had cerebral palsy like Brielle, and was also an ex-preemie.

She and her twin sister were born at just 28 weeks.

The conversation moved to services and equipment, and I brought them over to see Brielle walking in her purple walker.

I met E’s mummy too at the centre, and we exchanged phone numbers.

I promised to call when Brielle outgrew her walker and we could pass it on to E.

Months passed and the day came when I searched through my contacts to find their phone number.

Brielle was onto her new bigger yellow walker and we were ready to give her purple one to a very sweet little girl.

We’ve donated all of her equipment that she’s outgrown.

But up until this time, it has been directly to her therapists, or the therapy centres.

How exciting it was for us, to contact this family directly and invite them over to receive their new walker!

The twins came over with their mum & dad and all the girls together had a great time playing and making a racket with drums, recorders, xylophones, maracas, the lot!

We explained to her parents how to use and adjust the walker.

And got to know them all a little more over a cup of tea.

I was so touched by how thankful her mum & dad were.

The mutual joy and benefit from passing on a very meaningful piece of equipment is amazing!

I would highly recommend connecting within your area with other parents of children with special needs and passing on toys, equipment, ideas, anything to support and encourage another family with similar needs.

This personal donation was so different than anything we’ve experienced before.

We keep in touch with pictures and texts now, and hope to meet up to play with all the girls again.

I just cannot express the feelings of joy and satisfaction when her mum texted me a pic of using the walker, and when I saw the Facebook video of the sisters walking together for their first time!

As a mum of a little girl who has many additional needs who’s gotten great benefit from using the walker, to see another girl with cerebral palsy using it now, and the HUGE smile on her face, just melted my heart!

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