Welcome back ladies! Today I'm going to talk you through where to buy some cheap and cheerful wardrobe essentials for pulling off the athleisure look. 

My top 10 items in my athleisure wardrobe

1.       White/ grey t-shirts

2.       Basic grey sweater

3.       Trench coat

4.       Classic blue jeans

5.       Black leggings

6.       A colourful statement bag.

7.       White sneakers

8.       Light weight scarf.

9.       Leather jacket

10.     Denim shirt

By mixing and matching these core items any of you can achieve this cool sporty look. I guarantee most of you will already own half of these items too. So even if it is just a case of giving your wardrobe a mini update with a new statement bag or some awesome trainers your outfit possibilities are going to be chic, cool and endless.

Shop the athleisure trend now with my favourite picks from the high street:













And voila! How to embrace the athletic, laid back look, even if you aren’t working out.


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