I hope you've enjoyed part one and two of how to wear athleisure. Today I'm going to share with you two more of my favourite looks.

Back to my favourite grey trousers, this time creating a more pared down but equally as cool look. 

To keep this look even more simple I’ve dressed them with a simple grey tee to create a completely effortless feel then added my classic leather jacket and this super soft khaki scarf (Primark £4) to create some layers and texture.

The neutral colours of this look make it perfect for those who like to keep it simple yet chic.

I’ve added my trusty every day black handbag (H&M £15) to keep it clean and easy.

Moving back to basics this final look combines the ultimate capsule casual wardrobe pieces of my athleisure wardrobe.

A simple Breton tee and mom jeans is the base of this look, to build on this simple combination I’ve added the khaki scarf for warmth and texture, then a trench coat to give it that classic finish.

Adding a pop of colour with my little red bag elevates this simple combo keeping it fun and fashionable.

Tomorrow I'm going to share with you my top ten wardrobe essentials to rock the athleisure look like a pro.


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