When I was a little girl  there were always  several options of ways to pass the time.  You could A) go outside and play or B) go outside and read.

Well, we are all aware of what has occurred with the youth of  today since the invention of Atari. 

While we try to keep Matthew playing  in ways that he came moving and learning, there are times we turn to electronics. 

Oftentimes , Matthew is subjected to a very long car rides .  We live in a small town in a while they are making great strides with local hospitals, we still have to travel at least two hours for pediatric specialists. 

If there are WiFi networks available I often use some hair bands and anchor a tablet to the back of my seat so Matthew can watch videos.  I have do have a rule that the boys can only watch  educational shows.  This isn't always an option.

When there's no internet I have to rely on apps.  Finding a child friendly app is a problem for any parent but with Matthew's capabilities this was truly tricky. 

We of course needed to rule out any apps with the good old "in app purchase" option and also it needed to be difficult for a child to exit the app.

Luckily we have the Google play store on all of our electronic devices.

They offer an app called KidMode that is wonderful.  It creates profiles for each child based on their birthdays. 

For each child it generated different videos, games and stories appropriately. 

Though they can maneouver through their own profile, the only way to exit the app was to enter a four digit pin I created.

Best of all it was free and free is for me! 

I can't wait to see what new and crazy devices that are invented that put so much potential in our children's hands.

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