If like us the school holidays are a juggle of summer schemes, grandparents, childminders and shared holidays, the beginning of the new term can be a welcome return to routine.

Knowing exactly where everyone should be and when on any given day.

But with that comes its own challenges.

Uniforms need to be ready, lunches prepared, forms filled in, homework done.

If you’re anything like us mornings can be a complete disaster with shouts of -

‘Where are your shoes?’

‘Nooooo! A clean jumper that one has yoghurt on it.’

‘Oh shit we forgot to get….’

But this year is going to be different!

‘Yeah, yeah’ I hear you say.

No really it is.

I’ve got a plan and it looks something like this.

1. Cozi app

I’ve downloaded Cozi Family Organiser on to our phones.

A shared calendar for my husband and me which we have both committed to using and keeping up to date with the boys’ school activities, our work commitments and shared to do & shopping lists.

2. Sunday nights

We are going to take half an hour each Sunday evening to look at the week ahead and make sure we have everything covered and noted in Cozi.

3. Night before preparation

Nobody goes to bed until:

A) Homeworks are done
B) Lunches are packed
C) Uniforms have been left out
D) Work clothes have been ironed
E) Schoolbags packed with homework/notes/PE kits etc

4. Weekend meal planning

We will batch cook at the weekends so we have meals prepared for the week ahead.

5. Month ahead childcare

I know our childminder and my in-laws get hugely frustrated with me because I barely know what it happening the next day, let alone the week or month ahead.

At the end of each month, I will write out any changes to our childcare requirements and let them know well in advance.

Ideally, we’d add them to Cozi but that might be a step too far for the technophobes!

So, I’ve written it down now – that means we have to do it. Eek!

Good luck to everyone embracing the new school term – we’ve got this.

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