Did you know that if your body is overly acidic it can cause you to gain weight, and not be able to lose it?

I recently was reading about how you can ‘alkalize’ your body, not just for weight-loss, but for general well-being and health.

Many of us simply do not consume enough alkalizing foods such as green vegetables, raw juices, fresh fruit and vegetables, and seeds and nuts.

Our Western diet leans heavily towards ‘acid-forming’ foods- that is, foods that when metabolized leave an ash residue that leads to a state of mild acidosis.

So the body is constantly fighting to maintain pH balance.

The list of acid-forming foods is large, including: meat, dairy, chocolate, breads, alcohol, fizzy and sports drinks, tea and coffee.

One of the symptoms of mild acidosis, is weight gain and an inability to lost weight. Other symptoms such as joint and muscle pain are often exacerbated.

The reason for weight gain is that the body tends to store acid in fat cells, and produce more fat cells in order to store acid, if needed!

To turn this cycle around, we need to alkalize our body.

Neutralizing your body with alkaline foods also has other health benefits.

It can boost your energy level, enhance mental clarity, reduce allergies, boost the immune system, and improve skin!

There are varying camps when it comes to the role of your body’s pH on cancer.

Some would argue that cancers thrive in an acidic state, so cancer development and spread is greatly limited by an alkaline-rich diet.

At the other end of the spectrum, others claim that all this hype about acid and alkaline is moot, and what you eat has no direct effect on your likelihood of development or progressing cancerous cells.

I tend to side with the first way of thinking.

Surely what you eat every day has a profound effect on your health. And your ability to fight off illness and disease.

Good news is, eating greens is one of the best ways you can alkalize your body.

Some of the best greens you can eat include kale, spinach, mustard greens, collards, swiss chard, broccoli, romaine lettuce and cabbage.

Health experts agree that these have nutrients that can help with a range of ailments.

And if you juice your green vegetables, it gives you a chance to consume a lot more greens than you could chew in a day!

If you haven’t already, have a quick read of my post on Juicing for Health.

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