Although it is important to make time for yourself, it is also important to make time to spend with your partner without your children.

Having children can put a strain on any relationship as your priorities change.


You are no longer each others’ number ‘one’.

There are other ‘little’ people to love and care for as well now.

I think that having a disabled child puts even more strain on relationships.

You have both gone through the process of getting a diagnosis (or still waiting in some cases) that everything is not how it should be and everyone reacts differently to having this kind of devastating news presented to them.

But, more often than not, if you are going to get upset and angry about things and anything else that happens along the way you are probably going to take it out on each other.

This can strain the strongest of relationships.

I am not the same person I was before I had Oscar.

Although on the outside I am happy and smiling and seem like I cope with most of what is thrown at me, inside, I am constantly worried, frightened for Oscar’s future and more often than not feeling just a little bit stressed.

Neal knows this and I know that he feels the same but this does not make things any easier for either of us.

The one thing that we both have in common is each of us knows what it is like to have a disabled child and the joy and fear that brings.

As much as other people try and understand your circumstances, unless they have a disabled child of their own, they just don’t understand.

Neal had holidays off work recently whilst Oscar was still in school.

We visited the Christmas Markets in Manchester, we went out for lunch, took the dog for walks and it was lovely.

It was nice to spend some quality time together without having to think ‘What shall I give Oscar for his lunch?’ or ‘What activities shall I do with Oscar today?’

As you can tell, Oscar and his health and happiness is our number one priority now but every now and again we do need to put each other first instead.

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