A random act of kindness brought unimaginable joy to my family last year. 

I’ve always had dreams of seeing my daughter walk, and sometimes those dreams spiral into bigger dreams. 

Seeing her enjoying the outdoors, out of her wheelchair, blowing bubbles with her brother or standing and smelling the flowers were once inconceivable wishes.

Until a phone call from a friend I had not seen in years came in, and led to something amazing.

I had recently reconnected with an old friend online.  

She had seen my MANY posts about the incredible new product coming out called the Upsee.  

The photos of disabled children standing tall in this apparatus and videos of them participating in everyday activities with their families with its assistance were breathtaking to me.  

How I longed to give my daughter, Ryleigh, these same experiences.  

I wanted to order an Upsee for her very badly!

This dear friend that I had reconnected with was in town one afternoon and asked if we could get together right away.  

I was very excited to see her and to introduce her to my children.  

I was at an appointment with my son, so she came in and joined me in the waiting room.  

The two of us chatted and caught up on life and she played with Ryleigh.  

Out of the blue, she handed me an envelope.  

I looked at her quite puzzled, and she instructed me to open it.  

In the envelope was a check…for me to use to order Ryleigh her very own Upsee!!  

I had tears in my eyes and couldn’t believe the generosity unfolding before me.  

She explained that she, along with her friends and family, had pulled this together quickly so that I could order it on the day it was to be released to the public.  

I was speechless.  

There were hugs and tears and my heart was full. 

On the day our Upsee arrived, I was like a child at Christmas!  

I nearly tackled the delivery man to get it from him and I hurriedly open the box! 

My husband and I watched the online tutorials and became comfortable wearing it, and then we put Ryleigh in it.  

After giving her time to adjust to being tethered to each of us and standing tall without holding onto anything for support, we took turns dancing around the living room with her to her favorite song, “Happy.”  

And what a truly HAPPY day it was!  

Our daughter was moving her legs, and making her way around without being sat in a wheelchair or attached to a clunky gait trainer.  

Once she became accustomed to it, she was laughing and smiling right along with us.

It’s been over a year since we received that incredible gift.  

In that time, with the help of her Upsee, Ryleigh has blown bubbles with her brother, smelled the flowers and even kicked a ball.  

She walked down the hallway at school with me and even participated in dance therapy with her mobile classmates.  

While someday, it is my dream to see her do all these things by herself, the Upsee has given her a means to explore the world in a completely new way.  

I’m forever grateful to my friend for her generosity, and I hope she knows how truly happy her selfless act made my family.  

Her kindness and the kindness of complete strangers gave us a tremendous gift that day….the chance for my daughter to participate in activities otherwise impossible.

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