Despite finding our holiday to the Lake District challenging my husband, Neal, declared that he thinks we should try and go to Spain next year.

His statement was not met with much enthusiasm from me.

Firstly, I am beginning to think that Neal has won the lottery and not told me, or has a secret money tree somewhere, as I do not know how we can afford this now there is only one of us working.

Secondly, the thought of taking Oscar abroad fills me with dread.

Don’t get me wrong, I like going on holiday and I like going abroad even if it has been nearly seven years since I last went, but the thought of taking a disabled child abroad does not fill me with joy.

It is hard enough going on holiday in this country and trying to remember everything you need to take, I don’t even want to think what it will be like if we chose to go abroad.

What equipment would we be able to take? I would need his wheelchair, possibly his car seat, what about his specialist bath equipment? How would we be able to manage all this stuff (as well as our own) and would we even be allowed to take it all with us?

Then there is the flight to contend with. Oscar has never been on a plane and I do not know how he will react to being on one. He does not like loud sudden noises of which there are lots on a plane. He would either love it or hate it. If he hates it we will be that family nobody wants to sit near on the flight.

Then there is the seating on the plane. Oscar cannot sit up unaided so would need supportive seating on the flight. From looking at various forums on the internet, depending who you fly with, this looks like this is a nightmare in itself.

Also, where would we go? I need somewhere that is accessible and flat. Somewhere nice but not too hot. What about Oscar’s food? He is on a blended diet, are there hotels that would be willing to blend his food for us?

What if Oscar got ill whilst we are away? What would happen? What are the health facilities like?

I am stressed out already and we have not even booked anything! There is just too much to think about. It would not feel like much of a holiday if I was in constant panic mode.

For those of you who have taken your children abroad, I have nothing but admiration for you. You are far braver than me.

For now though, until Oscar is a bit older and hopefully has more understanding of the world, I think I will stick to holidays in the UK. 

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