Oliver's two bottom teeth that have just sprouted.

We are very excited to say the least.

Since Oliver was born prematurely, we did not see the dentist until he was 6 months adjusted (a little over 8 months actual).

He did not have any teeth then, but the dentist said they would come by his first birthday.

When I had scheduled that appointment, I was just looking for a pediatric dentist.

Aaron and I ended up going into the appointment and learning from the dentist himself, that he did his practice at Scottish Rite Hospital of Dallas, Texas.

This is the specialty hospital that Oliver goes to for multiple reasons, all mainly dealing with his diagnosis.

I was surprised to learn that dentistry and spina bifida could interfere with one another.

The doctor informed us that some medication used further down the line when Oliver gets older could contain latex properties, and it was good we let him know of this possible allergy so they could thus avoid it.

Needless to say we were very, very pleased to have found him!

It was one week before Oliver's birthday, and Voila! We had teeth.

They are so tiny, cute and deadly!

I have actually run into one big problem with these little teeth.

To backtrack a little, Oliver has no movement or sensation in his legs below the knee.

While in utero, we did show signs that he could move his legs, but over time with constant nerve damage he lost this.

Present day, Oliver loves to chew on his new toys, his feet.

Add teeth to this mixture and it's no good.

I came into the room the other day to find that Oliver had two small cuts on each toe from chewing on them.

It definitely made me sad to know he was chewing on his feet like any other baby would do, yet he had no sensation to tell him "Ouch, this hurts!"

The only fix to this problem I can think of at this time, is to keep socks and shoes on him at all time during the day.

At night he still wears his Ponsetti brace, so we don’t have to worry then.

I have heard recommendations for thicker socks, but this little man is becoming smarter by the second and learning how to remove them.

 In this picture above, I had caught Oliver trying to chew on his feet! 

Luckily I had his shoes in place.

If anyone has found a different method they would love to share, I am all ears!

I love my little baby's toes, minus the booboos.


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