People used to anger me when they said there was nothing wrong with my child. But my anger turned to determination. 

We only found out after a year of Jade’s life that there was something wrong. We kept telling the paediatrician something was wrong, but he kept saying ‘No, she is just behind as she was 5 weeks prem.’

As we found out I started thinking ‘why did this happen?’ This was all my fault. So started the blame game inside my head. Why did I not go to the doctor sooner?

Once that passed, I tried to figure out how to help my child. Every day is a struggle but it does get easier to deal with. With everything she does and accomplishes I grow more proud of her. She is a very determined child.

Advice? Who tries to give advice? The ones not in your position. They say: she will be fine. But in my head I’m making plans for if she can’t sit by herself, if she can’t walk by herself. I don’t think they understand what it takes to deal with their comments. I have just learned to take it with a smile on my face but in my head I’m thinking ‘please just be quiet’.

I was walking with Jade in a shop and the lady that worked there asked me if I broke my daughter’s legs? What is wrong with people? She had her splints on. If I could save the time I spend trying to explain to people what is wrong with her I would have a few extra days in a year.

My husband can’t deal with these comments, he gives them snotty remarks back. Then I think to myself: they have no idea what is wrong with her and that is their way of asking.

My child is like any other, she just does things in different ways. And it takes her a bit longer but she will get there. I don’t love her any less. I love her even more for her determination and not giving up on what she wants.

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