​The Firefly Garden is supporting Hatch in its market research of new product ideas for the Special Needs Community.

​The latest idea to make it through to Stage 2 of the Hatch process is a Special Needs Changing Bag.

An ‘On the Go’ compact, changing bag with multiple storage options and fold out changing mat for children aged 1- 7 who wear nappies or diapers - providing an easily transportable, hygienic and safe surface for changing where facilities are limited or unavailable. The bag will fold out to become a changing mat suitable of a suitable size to change children aged 1 to 7. Suggested features include removable, cleanable change area, detachable storage options, cushioned head, back and side supports and waterproof outer cover.

We would love you to complete this Product Research Survey to hear your thoughts on this product idea and also to learn more about how you carry the items your child needs on a day out.

If you haven’t heard about Hatch, check it out here - www.hatchthatidea.com Hatch is a website where little ideas can make a big difference to kids with special needs. Hatch gives everybody a space to talk, discuss and create.

It is open to ideas and inventions from anyone, anywhere who wants to help children with special needs.


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