April 11th, my little man Oliver celebrated his third birthday!

Of course I dreaded knowing that my little baby is just getting older, day by day, hour by hour.

I’ll admit, the one thing I was truly excited for, was the thought that the terrible two’s would soon be over! (Even though I hear threes are worse)

Upon request, Oliver wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese.

Here in the United States, this establishment is like a pizza restaurant with a bunch of arcade games for the kids to play. Minus the retro feel.

They pay tokens to play and win tickets for prizes. I took Oliver during the day while all the big kiddos where in school, and we had a pretty good time!

Oliver ended up winning over 200 tickets (with a little help from mommy) and chose a soft rocket launcher as his prize.

The day before, which was his actual birthday, we had to unfortunately spend the day out of town at two different hospitals for testing.

I felt so guilty that we had to spend the day testing instead of having fun, which is why we went to Chuck E Cheese the day after.

On his actual birth day, when we arrived home, his daddy had put together a few decorations, gifts and even a cake to celebrate!

My little man is such a trooper that when we left the hospitals, he said he had fun.

But seeing his face when he saw the real fun that awaited at home, was priceless.

For his mini birthday celebration, he received a Hot Wheels track, some surprise toy eggs, and two awesome outfits.

The weekend following his birthday is his big birthday party for family and friends to attend. I got him a petting zoo to attend, and we will celebrate it with a carnival theme.

I have plans to make all games wheelchair accessible as I really wanted a party in which he could do every single activity. A party just for him!

I may have to spend some time convincing him that even though he had three separate celebrations, it doesn't mean that every day is his birthday. Lol!

As I sit here, with little man taking a nap next to me, I am so grateful for every day we have together.

Even though some may be spent in the hospital, or others just sitting at home, he is always so grateful for what we have and truly has the best attitude in life. 

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