Happiness is the quiet moment hidden in the blur of a busy day.

Happiness is the hot coffee handed to you after a day's work

Happiness is the smell of freshly cut grass

Happiness is the tiny voice that calls out “mama , dada”

Happiness is the sight of your children playing

Happiness is having enough money in your bank account to buy that dress

Happiness is having a place to call home

Happiness is having your parents get to know their grandkids

Happiness is that song you hear which transports you back in time

Happiness is the sound of your baby sleeping

Happiness is meeting an old friend

Happiness is making a new friend

Happiness is laughing until you cry

Happiness is your inner voice telling you -”you can do this”

Happiness is hearing your child's laughter

Happiness is holding your partner's hand

Happiness is an ice-pop on a hot Summer's day

Happiness is Christmas morning

Happiness is family gatherings

Happiness is spotting the daffodils coming back to life

Happiness is knowing your child

Happiness is those firsts with your child, regardless of their age

Happiness is the smell of a fire burning as the rain beats against the window

Happiness is being loved

Happiness is showing love

Happiness is finding old photographs

Happiness is watching old family movies

Happiness is hearing the birds tweet as the sun slowly raises

Happiness is walking along the beach

Happiness is watching your child grow

Happiness is going home to a full busy house

Happiness is going home to a quiet house

Happiness is dancing

Happiness is singing

Happiness is making plans

Happiness is not having to set the alarm clock

Happiness is sharing your joy

Happiness is sharing in others joy

Happiness is...

Happiness is all around us.

Sometimes we are too busy to realise that we have a lot of happiness in our lives and that it is indeed the little things in life that can bring the most happiness

I hope you find your happiness on this International day of Happiness!

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