Each year, we seem to become more American in our approach to Halloween.

It’s become a staple in the retail calendar with supermarkets and others displaying their spooky wares from 1st October.

When I was growing up I remember small Halloween parties but not too much trick or treating.

Now it’s a celebration for big and little kids of all ages and this year we’ll be embracing it in our house for the sensory experience it brings.

I’ve always loved the smells, sights, sounds and tastes of Autumn.

The trees changing daily with their glorious reds, oranges, yellows and browns, crunchy leaves underfoot, damp days, fireworks and bonfires and bonfire toffee, parkin and other spicy smoky flavours.

We’re planning a small party with friends at our house which will mean Lou Lou is on her home turf and better able to experience the party atmosphere.

We’ll hopefully have the french doors open to bring the outdoors in (within reason).

Lights on the decking to enliven Lou Lou’s senses (for the first time in my life I’m thinking we might even go in for outdoor Christmas lights this year too.

With a visually impaired child, brassy, chintzy and bling take on new meaning!

There will be new textures to explore too.

A spooky sensory bag - simply a freezer bag filled with hair gel and spooky plastic tat (just make sure it’s well sealed with duck tape!) is to be used under controlled conditions obviously!

The shops are also full of light up spiders and squishy snakes and other creepy crawlies.

Sensory Halloween Experience
Sensory Halloween Experience

Lou Lou’s new ground floor bedroom has lots of spooky potential with blackout blinds and the party mood will be enhanced with her disco lights.

In fact, once DJ Lou Lou is in her standing frame and banging out some tunes on her ipad apps (baby DJ anyone?) the dancefloor will be full!

We also intend to enjoy Bonfire night the following week with a small selection of fireworks in the garden and neon glow sticks and sparklers.

There’s every chance that Lou Lou will decide to sleep through the whole shenanigans but at least the rest of us will have fun trying to engage her.

And then in a matter of weeks Christmas will be here with more lights, tinsel, wrapping paper and carols.

I’ll be heading up to the loft soon to dig out my little advent houses.

Each day there was a sweet for Lou Lou’s sister and a sensory experience for her. Jingle bells all the way!

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