Finding the right venue for Grandad’s birthday meal was not easy. We had to think about accessibility, child friendly and whether or not they blended food. 

When we found out that a place so close to home blended food, a place that we loved from visiting for other occasions, it warmed our hearts. It may sound so minor to others but my husband and I got quite giddy with the idea of buying our son's first meal in a restaurant.

We were excited that we didn't have to prep a meal but in fact our son would be included in the novelty of eating out.

We were all smiles as we walked down to the restaurant, Zachariah was about to eat his first meal picked off a menu. The staff were amazing, they catered for us so well.

We ordered him fish goujons, mash and beans, it was all going so well.

Then our food arrived and Zachariah began to grump, we guessed that it was down to being hungry, however when we tried to put the spoonful of goodness into his mouth, he moaned, shook his head and started to make a fuss! Noooo! He started to rub his eyes and seek for his dummy.

We let him chill with his dummy and tried again. But nope! Zachariah was just not in the mood.

He loves his food, he always shocks people with how much he shovels in, but today, the day we had paid for a meal and the day we had gotten excited over he chose not to eat!

I’m sure many of you can relate to this some way or another, we plan fun packed days out, we plan extravagant messy play sessions, and we book great new places to visit.

We put our all into making things so special and have the interest of our children as top priority.

We get excited as we believe they will love it! Reality is however that some days just aren’t the best day for our children and they just aren't feeling it.

No matter how much planning went into it, and no matter how good we feel about it our children have their own agenda.

We’re not 100% sure why Zachariah decided not to eat his tea that day, but it’s important that I don’t take it personal, that I don’t get worked up about it, and it's absolutely crucial that I don't let it stop me booking a table in that restaurant again.

Great Expectations vs Child’s Reality!

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