I may be about to make myself very unpopular, but love it or hate it Christmas is on it’s way.

I personally love Christmas.

I love the lights, decorations, the food, choosing gifts for people, spending time with friends and family and watching the Christmas films which are repeated year after year.

When I found out I was expecting Oscar, I knew that Christmas would be even more magical once we had a child in our family.

Children get really excited about Christmas and it is lovely to see their faces light up when they see Father Christmas and participate in Nativity.

But, for us, Christmas with a disabled child is not quite like this.

Oscar does not understand the concept of Christmas and perhaps never will. We include him in everything we do at Christmas, making and putting up decorations, baking Christmas treats, taking him to see Father Christmas and I am hoping that school will do a Nativity play that he can participate in, but, it is still not how I thought Christmas would be once we had a child.

We also have a bit of dilemma this year, as we have no idea what to buy Oscar for Christmas.

He has so many toys, books and clothes. Oscar has sensory toys and musical instruments so that is not an option and toys for his age group are just not suitable for him.

We have bought him a few bits and pieces but the one thing I really wanted to buy him is the one thing that he cannot use. A bike. Every child should have a bike.

I have such brilliant memories of playing out on my bike with my friends when I was younger. I wanted this for my child as well.

When I was pregnant I had visions of buying my child their first bike for Christmas and then of me trying to teach them how to ride it.

I think this is a vision that most parents have. But, this is one of my many dreams for Oscar that has been cruelly shattered.

There are adapted bikes for children with disabilities but I don’t think that any of them will be suitable for Oscar yet.

And, as like most equipment for disabled people they are also very, very expensive. It will take us a long time to save up for one.

Also, having an adapted bike will also make Oscar stand out from other children as being ‘different’, again.

So, I will just really have to think long and hard as to what we can buy Oscar for Christmas, but I don’t think I am going to come up with anything as exciting as a bike.Christmas will still be brilliant though as we have Oscar in our lives even if he doesn’t get as excited about it as his mum!

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