At the risk of sounding like a Sports Billy, I love running. I also have two children with additional needs. 

Neither of these statements would seem possible, achievable or even likely to the 13 year old girl who was always picked last for team sports, and who memorably threw up in the playground during relay.

As for Special Needs children, I harboured under some weird illusion that they only happened to people who were remarkably brave, strong, and had probably had some secret training.

My marvellous GP who helps me with the mental health side of “living the dream” suggests that parenting children with complex needs is a Marathon not a sprint.

In a similar spirit I bring you thoughts I have during a run/parenting.

Often at the beginning of a run I repeat the mantra “I can’t do this I want to go home”.

This is a mantra also familiar before EHCP plans, threatened tribunals and before the smallest goes under General Anesthetic.

The bad news is that negative mantras do not help, you are the grown up and you decided to go for a run anyway.

When things are this bleak I have two suggestions. Just keep putting one foot in front of another, fast or slow, happy or sad-keep moving forwards.

In both cases there is a warming up period where your body and mind are in shock.

They will get over it. So will you. And if you do you can have coffee!

Some days are really hard. Your legs are tired, every bit of you aches and you want to cry.

This does not mean it will always be like this, some days just are.

Do what you can, don’t beat yourself up.

Some days are really amazing, you feel euphoric, and you want to tell everyone how good you are. Enjoy these days and celebrate them.

Avoid being too smug or you may get punched, but perhaps do a little dance in the kitchen to celebrate.

Many days are just humdrum, you do it because you have to, you need grit and determination to keep going.

If you ever see me chugging past you muttering to myself, I’m saying “I can and I will and I am”, repeatedly.

It’s also worth keeping that mantra in mind when a small person throws up on you, or you find a human poo in the washing machine.

New kit can increase your motivation, a new running top or handbag is good for the soul .

It’s a scientific fact(probably)I am willing to take part in research to prove it as long as I am in the handbag group.

You can achieve more than you ever thought was physically and mentally possible.

Look at you, you’re still here! You are doing it! People are clapping!

It’s not about the speed, it’s not about the style, it’s about the journey, remember to stop and enjoy the view.

I can’t promise there’ll be a medal-but it has to be worth a shot.

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