We have not long come back from a very cold, wet and windy weeks holiday in the Lake District. We did not let the awful weather stop us though and managed to get out everyday and visit many beautiful places.

Oscar loved to be next to the lake and watch the ducks and other birds. He loves water and loves to watch the birds on the bird table at home.

It was particularly lovely as it was autumn and the leaves had all changed colour and there were lots of beautiful reds, oranges and golds. It made the scenery even more breathtaking.

But, going on holiday this time I realised something. It is getting more of a challenge now Oscar is getting older.

I think the first mistake we made is we stayed in a house (we live in a bungalow). I had forgotten how hard it is to carry Oscar up and down stairs. Now that he is older, bigger and heavier it doesn’t really do my back any good! It is not particularly safe for either of us.

The next thing was I really could have done with being able to take all of Oscar’s equipment with us but unless we buy a lorry that is not going to happen.

I found it really difficult managing with just his wheelchair and I don’t think that Oscar was comfortable in it all the time. I could have done with the supportive seating that he has at home, as well as his standing frame. We did take his Upsee but as the weather was so bad we did not get chance to use it outside.

Another thing was the accessibility.

The Lakes is very hilly but there are wheelchair accessible walks. However, we found that we could not get into a lot of places with Oscar in his wheelchair as there were steps. We had to go in places separately and one of us wait outside with Oscar, which you do not want when you are supposed to be on a family holiday.

Feeding was also another issue.

As Oscar is on a blended diet, if we wanted to go for out for something to eat we either had to feed him before we went or make sure we went somewhere where there was something on the menu that could be easily mashed. In fairness, we have this same issue at home but at home we know which places we can take Oscar in and which are not suitable. When you are on holiday though you want to try different things.

Lastly, toileting.

 When we were out and about I did not take Oscar to the disabled facilities as from visiting the ladies I knew there was no way I would change him in there. Like many other parents I refuse to change my child on a dirty toilet floor. We either went back to the holiday let where we were staying to change him or push come to shove I would have changed him in the boot of the car, which I have done before. This is not very dignified for Oscar though as people can see what is going on whilst they walk past.

We will not stop going on holiday just because Oscar is disabled. We love our family time together.

I think that I just need to be a lot more organised and do a lot more research next time. 

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