It’s time to ditch the winter coats and start thinking about updating the wardrobe to include something that will carry you through the spring and into the glorious summer. So what are the key trends for spring?

When buying a spring jacket, you want something that will keep you relatively warm but still looks good and offers some versatility. Leather jackets are a staple for any wardrobe, but 2016 sees it coming back in a big way. Some high street stores are even creating leather trench coats.


Leather jackets will carry you through the chilly winter months, summer evenings and into the start of winter making it a real investment piece. Another great thing with leather jackets is the vast array of styles and colours. A simple blazer style jacket with leather sleeves will add an edge to any outfit, whilst a simple biker jacket is great for throwing on with jeans and trainers. Find the right style for you, and you’re sure to have it for many seasons to come.

Another must have for every wardrobe is a trench coat. It will keep you warm through the chilly months but it’s also versatile. Wear it over a trouser suit or dress for work during the week, then with jeans and flats at the weekend. When it’s extra chilly, these jackets can take an extra layer underneath and look really stylish with a big scarf.

The trench has really evolved through the years from the classic dark buttons and belt, to really feminine, floaty styles. A trench in a gorgeous khaki colour is great for weekend wear and even looks good with your loyal slip on trainers. Again, a definite investment piece that will be in your wardrobe for a long time ahead.

A spring summer trend which has been prevalent in many high street stores is our 90s go-to; the bomber jacket. It has come a long way since then and is now available in a more fitted form with gorgeous sleeve embellishments and silky materials. 



Classic khaki and black are still around with the tell-tale orange lining. Of course there are also some modern takes as the 2016 versions offer up a range of metallic, pastel and silky alternatives. The bomber can be picked up relatively cheaply and is great for throwing on as you run out the door for the Sunday grocery shop. Stylish, warm and easy to wear, it’s a piece that it open for interpretation by the wearer.

If the bomber isn’t up your street but you like the idea of having something that is easy to throw on and is also versatile; why not opt for a denim jacket? Forget the age old rule of no denim on denim. 


Whether you like old style vintage, distressed, cropped or brightly coloured, there’s plenty to choose from. Such a versatile jacket, it can be worn over your summer dresses in the cooler evenings spent outside. Pull it on easily with your stylish jog pants, t-shirt and trainers for a very cool and very comfortable weekend look.

Spring shopping is always welcome as it means we are closer to the sunshine months and we can finally shake off those thick winter coats and furry hoods. Say goodbye to fur lining and quilted coats and hello to lighter, brighter alternatives.


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