This month there are two big fundraising campaigns which keep popping up on my social media newsfeeds and whilst I think it is important to help these big campaigns I want to do my bit to support smaller charities throughout the year as well. 

As a mum to a disabled child, we rely on our local small charities for support.  My son’s school relies heavily on charity donations to make it the incredible place it is. 

We lean heavily on a local charity for support as a family and attend a monthly group where we meet other families. 

And over the years, we have had help from our local hospice, portage and other groups all of which are charity funded.

So, we like to make sure we are supporting the people who support us as a family. 

Of course, we only have limited funds so it’s not always easy to donate and there’s only so many times you can ask your friends to sponsor you for a fun run etc. 

So here are 5 ways you can support your local charities without having to run a marathon!

Donate your first new notes.

We’ve recently had a new £5 and £10 note and I’m sure we will be getting a new £20 soon!  We donated our first new notes to charity.

Share your favourite charities social media posts.

This costs nothing but time and will help your favourite charity to reach more people online.  Hopefully that will in turn help them to raise more money. 

If they are running a special campaign online then do what you can to spread the word about it.  Even if you can’t donate money you can donate a Facebook update or a Tweet to help them.

Start an online shop and donate some of the profits.

We set up The DRM Project in 2016 to try and raise some funds for Chailey Heritage Foundation, my son’s local school. 

We found a local printer who could print to order and set up an online store selling slogan t-shirts and accessories.  To date we have raised over £3000 for the charity with minimal efforts. 

I’m not suggesting you all start selling slogan t-shirts (please don’t, you’ll put us out of business!) but if you like to sew, knit, cook etc you could sell your products and donate a % (or all) of your profits to your favourite charity.

Ask a local business to help you raise money. 

Local businesses LOVE a bit of free publicity and marketing so try this simple idea. 

Ask a large local business to support you by agreeing to donate £1 for every time someone shares a photo of their business/product and tags them in a tweet during a 7 day period. 

Rope in friends and family and get everyone you know on Twitter to get involved. 

It costs nothing to send a tweet but a business will love the free publicity your campaign is giving them – and it will be cheaper than a traditional print advert!

Come dine with me

Next time you are planning to go out for dinner with friends consider this instead. 

Invite them to your house and cook them a nice meal BUT ask them to donate the money they would have spent in the restaurant to your favourite charity instead. 

Most people would spend at least £20 when they go out for dinner so invite 4 friends round and you could easily raise £80 in one fun evening! 

And if they are the kind of friends who would usually tip, make sure they don’t forget to leave that too!

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