Here in the Hinkley household date nights may come few and far between, but when they arrive, I usually don't have much time to prep and get super fancy for them.

Most of the time I find myself doing a quick drop off (leaving the boys at grandma's house) and meeting my hubby wherever the wind blows! Makeup is quick to retouch, as I carry my makeup bag in the car. But it is the clothes that can make or break a date.

Jeans and a t-shirt have become my norm, and Aaron sure isn't surprised to see me in them every day.

After all, I am a comfort kinda gal!

Although the case, even this girl has found a way to use the same outfit and convert it from mommy to wife.

Below I have chosen one of my favorites to share with you all!

This outfit is my all-time go to outfit for comfort and style!

For the jeans, I prefer the boyfriend fit rather than skinny jeans. Like I said above, I am all about comfort and I just prefer jeans I can move around in as I take my kids in and out the car.

For this look, I do actually prefer to roll up the jeans to achieve the look pictured. You can wear them down if it is chilly out or roll up for a summer look. If you do decide to roll the jeans, it really helps include the shoes into the look.

For my outfit I use brown flats. Any color could go well, I just enjoy how the colors of the jeans, white shirt and brown flats play together.

Plus, flats are the ultimate comfort shoe in my opinion!

For the undershirt, I usually go with a plain, white cotton V-neck. If you have little kiddos that you carry around, you might want to change the color out for something that won’t stain as easy. I wear the denim button up over the white V-neck, unbuttoned. This leaves the look casual, and calls for easy removal if the temperature outside warms up.

Four easy garments and I have my day look in style. 

Now for the date night transformation in three easy steps: 

1. tuck in the undershirt and denim button up

2. add a long necklace (gold is my choice in this color combination like pictured)

3. An optional third step would be to swap the flats out for something with a little heel.

One, two three and a casual look quickly transforms into a date night outfit on the go!

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