Now every parent and therapist can download a free step-by-step guide to maximising progress in the Upsee and tracking results.

The Upsee helps lots of children reach new milestones. A recent survey showed that 89% of kids using their Upsee at least once a month showed developmental progress.

40% of parents said the Upsee improved their child's ability to weight-bear while others reported improvements in weight-bearing, head-control, co-ordination, or simply confidence.

And it seems that the more the Upsee is used, the better the results - the survey showed that 100% of children who use the Upsee daily improved their weight-bearing. 

The results pleased us almost as much as it pleased those parents. It was a proud moment. Hundreds of young children, at crucial stages of early intervention, are developing faster thanks to the Upsee. 

The survey showed other revelations too. Just under one third of families (31%) used the Upsee at least once per-week. So 1 in 3 families used it consistently. While this is excellent news, it also meant 2 out of 3 were not using it every week. 

This is totally understandable, of course. All parents struggle finding time for every activity and exercise they want to do with their child. They have typical parenting duties to perform, like wiping food off clothes, cooking meals everyone will actually eat, and keeping their eyes open long enough to vacuum after very little sleep again last night.

As well as that they have the additional parenting duties that come with having a child with special needs - appointments, exercises, extra feeds, extra changes, lifting, hoisting, and all the other things children with extra needs depend on them for.

So time is always scarce. But our survey shows that every second counts when using the Upsee. 

Our team of clinicians and experts wanted to make sure every Upsee user got the chance to maximise their results. So they created something pretty special: a free Upsee Therapy Programme. 

This downloadable guide helps parents and therapists choose activities, set goals and map developmental progress of children using the Upsee.

It guides you through a series of Mobility, Ability and Participation goals and activities. Each one is carefully mapped and selected by our expert team, who modeled the programme on the World Health Organisation's ICF-CY framework. That means you can rely on the very best tips, advice and guidance from leading specialists.

The Upsee Therapy Programme is free for everyone to download and a spiral-bound hard copy will come with every Upsee purchase.

Hard copies are also free to order from our website, but postage fees will apply.


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