The fourth of July always brings lots of excitement and joy here in the United States. 

Of course, leave it to us to find a better way to celebrate Independence than with fireworks!

It was always one of my top favorite holidays because it always meant that the family would get together and watch the beautiful sky light up in all sorts of colors and designs.

We even attempted to celebrate it ourselves once, ending the night with a firework that went haywire and flew right into the trucks’ tailgate. ( We leave the shows up to the professionals now.)

When my son Oliver was born, my parents lived in a city that sat by the lake and we successfully took him to firework events.

It wasn’t until he turned three that we started to notice how uncomfortable he would get around loud noises or crowded places.

We were at Check-E-Cheese’s one day for lunch, and Oliver kept plugging his ears and putting his head in his lap.

I thought he was just frightened of the mouse mascot who had just come out to dance with the kids and release a few free tickets. He was pretty scary looking, so I understood the fright.

But when the mouse came and went, Oliver was still distraught and wanting to leave.

I asked him what was wrong and his reply was that it was too loud in the restaurant.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, my family and I were at an event held for children with disabilities.

An Easter egg hunt. Filled with people children and music, the noise was at an all time high.

Needless to say, Oliver was not having it.

We actually had to leave a little early because he had even become sick from being so uncomfortable.

After discussing this new problem with my husband, we had come to a solution.

With the help of a fellow friend, we were able to find noise cancelling ear muffs for Oliver.

Some days he is able to handle the noise and commotion, but others it is too much stimulation for him and we pop the ear muffs on.

He has had to get use to having something bulky on his head, but with them he is a little more at ease.

We hope we can share another fourth of July with him this year and with the help of this device we hope he can enjoy the beautiful sky just as much as I did growing up!

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