With more than 300,000 apps for smartphones and tablets, there's an app out there for just about anything you can think of—including skill-building apps for your kids.

These five apps come recommended by top names in children's app reviews like Moms with Apps and Apps for Children with Special Needs(A4WCSN) and are designed to help even children with special needs or learning disabilities develop important life skills like peer communication and organization, as well as early-learning skills like identifying shapes and sight words.



Created to help children in school learn to communicate with classmates and peers, Moms with Apps especially recommends this apps for children with special needs in the areas of sensory-processing and behavior-based issues. Visual presentation of conversations are design to help children master the flow of conversations.

WordSundae App

This engaging app makes learning new words fun for everyone. Parents can work with their children to learn new words all while competing to build word sundaes out of ice cream-flavored letters. The app is perfect for kids(and adults) of all ages, including early-learning and preschool ages.

ChorePad HD

Compatible iOS 5 or later versions and iPAd, this app is available on iTunes for $4.99. Don't let the price shun you away, this app is worth the five bucks. For the price, you get an app with no in-app purchases that serves as a fun tool to motivate chidren to complete household chores or everyday tasks. Help your child keep track of chores and tasks and earn stars redeemable for parent-created rewards. This multiple-award winning app has earned top nods from parenting experts, including more than one 1st place win in the parenting category of the Best App Ever awards.


This app serves as a family planner that color codes each member of your family so their daily schedules are a breeze to keep up with. This is a great app for kids who thrive when they know and understand what's going on with the people around them. It's also a great way for kids to easily keep up with their schedules—and to know what to expect in the days ahead.

Geometric Cabinet

A4CWSN recommends this app, co-developed by a Montessori teacher with more than 40 years experience. Geometric Cabinet's goal is to teach various complex shapes(triangles, octagons, rectangle) in an way that nearly any child, even those with learning disabilities, can understand. In the app, children are given a “presentation tray,” along with six more trays containing different shapes. The app asks the child to identify requested shapes by placing them into the presentation tray.

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