There’s a post going around facebook of a barber who got on the floor to give a little boy with autism his very first haircut.

It is heartwarming to see this barber give so much care and patience to doing his job, and it got me thinking about our own little boy getting his haircut. 

Our son was born with a full head of hair, and by two years of age has already gotten a handful of haircuts. 

We have tried a few different strategies to make it the most relaxing and positive experience as possible. 

Some times worked out better than others. 

Here are a few tips I can offer if you are anticipating an upcoming first haircut for your child with special needs.


Thus far we have had the most success with taking our son for a haircut right after he finishes an hour and a half of physical and occupational therapy. 

He is sound asleep 9 times out of 10 and barely flinches while the barber cuts away. 

This also makes the haircut go by much more quickly as our son is very still, and we all know sitting still is important at the barbershop.   


Another recommendation for coming out of the barbershop with little to no tears is to find one that specializes in children’s haircuts. 

If there isn’t one available in your area check with friends and family with children to see where they take their children to, and who they do and do not recommend. 

If you are able to find a place that does a great deal of children’s haircuts you will be happy to find they quite possibly have a treasury of distractions such as fun chairs, toys, televisions with children’s shows, a mirror or comb to hold, etc. 

Does your children’s barbershop cost a little more than a haircut at a discount kind of place?  Happy children = #wortheverypenny.


If you cannot find a great children’s barber shop or have a negative experience the first time around do yourself and your child a favor and pack your own distractions! 

I am not a huge advocate for lots of screen time, but there is a time and place for the ipad. 

Take your pick: screen time or scream time! 

Bring coloring books, stickers, a sucker, whatever you think may be great distractions and novel enough to capture your child’s attention for a few minutes.


Bring any equipment along with you that your child can successfully sit as upright as possible in and have the barber cut their hair while sitting in the familiar equipment. 

We have brought our son’s Tumbleforms chair along several times and it has helped tremendously so he feels both comfortable and is in an ideal position for getting his hair cut. 

What are your barbershop success stories? Any tips?


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