​So it was with much excitement that we headed down the stairs on the 1st of December to start Daniel’s sensory calendar…

I had been gathering up little, inexpensive items for the past few weeks for Daniel’s Sensory Advent Calendar. Our attempt to make sure he is as included in all our seasonal activities as his younger brother, Charlie. In fact Charlie was probably more excited by the big box of goodies than by his own Playmobil Advent Calendar.

I wasn’t sure what to do for the best, select an item ourselves, offer the box to Daniel to see if he could choose, but with most things in our house, Charlie kept us right. ‘I will choose something from the box for Daniel and give it to him’ so he dived into the box and produced a string of red stocking lights to pass to Daniel. Daniel reached out to lift them from Charlie (‘SUCCESS’ I was thinking to myself). But this success was short lived,

Daniel proceeded to throw the lights across the room, a wire came loose, the lights went out and three of the stockings flew off. Charlie started to cry, the dog snatched a stocking and ran off. Pandemonium broke out!

So lessons learnt, don’t buy cheap lights from the Pound Shop, keep the dog out of the room during Sensory Calendar Activity and supervise a little bit better. Our spirits haven’t been dampened we’ve 23 other items enjoy (to get through).

If you’re doing a Sensory Calendar this year - I would love to hear from you, email me at [email protected]

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