A Firefly customer, Jessica Schedeneck, recently got in to touch to share some concerns about our ordering system.

Below you can see Jessica's message and the response from James Leckey, Firefly CEO. 

"Ok Firefly. This comes from a place of complete support. I am thrilled that my daughter will be getting an upsee soon. However, I truly feel that you need to get together a public response as to why items were not shipped in chronological order of order placement. I get that there may be a longer wait time based on size and color availability. However, I can honestly not find one good reason for not going in order of placement. Furthermore, you guys publicly dodging this question and not being upfront about it is more hurtful than anything. I've stood behind you publicly and asked others and myself to be patient. On the other hand, this... Needs to be addressed. I've sent two emails over the last couple weeks and never gotten a reply to either. I think perhaps you may want to work on building a stronger PR team moving forward. I know that this was an unprecedented growth in business, but PR will make or break you in the end... and this isn't a good topic to dodge. Thank you! Truly!" (Jessica Schedeneck)

Hi Jessica,

Please accept my apologies you should have received my reply sooner.

I would like to stress that everyone will receive their Upsee within the quoted 12 weeks delivery times and hopefully a lot sooner.  

I will attempt to answer your specific question, explain our current situation and why some orders are not being sent out in chronological order.

There are two main factors causing this variation.

The first is that on the day we launched the Upsee we decided to post the time of launch to be fair to everyone. Unfortunately as a result we experienced a surge in demand that ground the website to a snail’s pace. We had put extra servers in place but they still did not cope. After two hours of watching and hoping we were advised that the best way to resolve the issue was to turn off geographic areas and reduce the demand on the website. We did this and it worked – orders started to flow properly. We then processed those orders in batches of ten. The first ten orders from the first region turned on (e.g. UK), then the next (e.g. USA), then the next (Europe and Asia) and so on. This ensured the placement of orders received against the time people were able to place their orders.

The second is a more simple variation and one you’ve mentioned already. It relates to the size and colour of Upsee ordered against the stock available. The Upsee is treated as a medical device and our quality control inspections are stringent. We inspect them in batches according to size and colour. Once they are passed QC inspection they are entered into stock. Our system will only allocate an order against an Upsee when it is ‘in stock’ and therefore available.

I hope this answers your question and I don’t believe any of the time variations will be significant. Although I accept even one day may be of significance when we see the joy on people’s faces once they’ve received theirs.

Ultimately I have to confess we were caught out by the demand. We held a conference on the FireFly Garden about a week before the launch and the Upsee story got out into the press. Since then it’s gone viral online. It’s been amazing to watch and we’re bowled over by some of the stories like little Isabella walking down the aisle with her father Gary at her aunt’s wedding. The UpSee has headlined in the TV and Press form Brazil to China.

I’ve been doing what we do for over 30 years and I love every day, however, the Upsee project has been special and over the last two years I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing people and kids.

I have to commend the staff here and in particular Louise. They are all working really hard but she has really gone extra mile working long hours and over her Easter holidays to answer your questions.

Please bear with us we have taken on new staff and are working through your enquiries as quick as we can.

I can tell you that everyone who has ordered an Upsee, who doesn’t already know, will know by the end of next week when they will receive theirs and it will be within the 12 week delivery time, hopefully well within. Please also check your junk mail folder as we may held up by your email filter.

Thank you again Jessica for your support and pointing out an important unanswered question I hope I have answered it but if you have any further questions please email us and we will get back to you.

Kind regards and best wishes,

James Leckey

FireFly CEO

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